Welcome to

The Canadian Druze Centre

Welcome to the Druze Association of Edmonton (DAE)

Established in 1978, DAE is a non-profit organization focused on preserving our faith and culture in Edmonton. The Canadian Druze Center opened its doors in June of 1991. Our Community Center was built by the determination of the people and aligns with our mission of strengthening the bond between community members.


  • Strengthen the bond amongst the community via cultural and religious gatherings.
  • Creating a platform for guest speakers to impart their well-versed knowledge to the community.

DAE feels it’s necessary to adapt to the changing times and design a road map for current and future generations as the community grows in Edmonton.

Community Involvement 

DAE Arabic School

The DAE will continue to provide Arabic classes for children ages 5-14

DAE Community Preschool

DAE community preschool will open September 2022 for children 3 and 4 years old. Registration for community members is on first come first serve basis. Secure your spot. We will be taking 20 students in the morning and 20 students in the afternoon only.

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