Established in 1978, The Druze Association of Edmonton (DAE) is a non-profit organization focused on the preservation of the Druze culture and enhancement of the Druze faith.
With a great vision and perseverance, the Canadian Druze Centre was built by the community and opened its doors in June 1991. The Centre stands as a beacon of our community and where our community grows stronger.
The Association’s mission is to work with the community and to strengthen the bond amongst the Druze people.

The DAE continues to work on:

Strengthening the fellowship and harmony among the Canadian Druze community via cultural and religious gatherings
Creating a platform for guest speakers well versed in the cultural and religious aspects of the Druze faith in order to impart the knowledge of our faith to the community
Assist Canadian born Druze in learning about their faith and culture As the Druze community continues to grow in Edmonton and surrounding areas, the DAE deems it necessary to adapt to the changing needs of the time and design a road map for current and future generations.

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The Canadian Druze Centre includes a spacious function room, a beautiful natural stone tiled foyer, an oak dance floor, a large 300sq. ft. stage and a solid sound system. This space can accommodate up to 425 seated guests.